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Sablier Society

In order for us to maximize Sablier E X P E R I E N C E, we created ‘Sablier subscription plans’ for our customers. We call our subscription customers network ‘Sablier S O C I E T Y’.

Anyone who would share the ‘new culture’ that is made possible by INNODESIGN and Sablier Corporation could join to become a member who will not only benefit from ‘Sablier S O C I E T Y’ by subscribing but will contribute to ‘saving our planet by not wasting papers. We are launching a global campaign of ‘Good Bye Paper Cups’ together as members of Sablier S O C I E T Y.

After trial order of ‘Sablier Trial Kit (one Sablier T U M B L E R, one pack of 15 Sablier S E L E C T coffee sticks)’ at a special price of $49.95, you could decide to join Sablier S O C I E T Y to become a member if you are satisfied with our trial kit as well as decided to become a member to
contribute to saving our planet by participating ‘Good Bye Paper Cups’ campaign. Subscription plans will show varieties of options that will be optimized to create your own Sablier E X P E R I E N C E.