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Sablier Experience

In the history of drinking coffee and tea, the traditional brewing method uses paper filters and a conventional brewer, this is not the best way to brew coffee and tea.  Over the past few years the pour over method of brewing coffee and teas has really taken off.  This method is by far the best brewing method and at Sablier we have perfected a coffee and tea Tumbler designed for the pour over brew method.  The Tumbler combined with our own Sablier Select coffee and tea blends in convenient pre portioned stick packs we have perfected the pour over method and the result is convenient and flavorful. Sablier E X P E R I E N C E makes it possible for our customers to make their own cup of coffee or tea when they want to drink ‘one cup at a time’ with Sablier ‘stick pack’ system while not wasting paper filters, tea bags and paper cups. This experience contributes to saving our planet by not wasting paper, as well as electricity.  With Sablier T U M B L E R , invented by INNODESIGN(DBA Sablier Coffee) and Sablier S E L E C T, coffee and tea brand of Sablier Corporation(a wholly owned subsidiary of INNODESIGN), we made it possible for our customers to make their own fresh coffee or tea one cup at a time. 

Sablier T U M B L E R is designed as a portable device which ‘does not’ require any power resulting in not only convenient to carry and use anytime, anywhere but saving energy that is precious for our planet. Just bring your Sablier T U M B L E R and a few sticks of Sablier S E L E C T coffee or tea ‘on the go’. Enjoy a cup of ‘fresh’ cup of coffee of tea at home anytime any where!