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7 Blue Iced Tea


There are two important factors in brewing the perfect glass of iced tea. One is the quality of the tea leafs and two is the purity of the water. When both in place you have the right ingredients to make a very special tea.

So, we choose high quality, full leaf teas that are hand selected from the most respected tea gardens. In making any tea we feel that there are choices and for us the quality of the leaf itself is the most important. Some manufactures choose to use a lower grade of tea referred to as bits of pekoe, which is basically just the left over bits and dust from the grading of the tea. Unfortunately many non-tea drinkers are fooled by this and have unknowingly settled by drinking earthy, dusty, bad tea for years.


A great iced tea is clean in look and crisp in taste with the tea characteristics revealing themselves on the finish. The first thing you’ll notice with a glass of Blue 7 Iced Tea is its clarity. And then when tasting its refreshing crispness. Our teas are subtle in taste and grow on you with each sip. That is a good tea!


Our black tea is our most popular and is crisp and delicious! High grown and top tier quality this full leaf tea has the traditional characteristics of a dark rich classic. Clean and crisp it's so refreshing you could drink it all day long.


Our green tea stands out because of its vibrant color. This traditional Sencha has a clean fresh vegetative taste. All our teas are loose leaf and the size, quality and freshness of the leaf is evident when opening this package. A healthy progressive choice.

Passioin Fruit

We use all natural fruits to flavor this tea so not only does it have a pure and natural sweetness it has no sugars. This tea artfully combines the sweet tropical flavor of a fresh passion fruit with the lively crisp taste of our classic black tea.


Our mango tea is flavored from fresh mangos, which gives it a great balance of sweet mango fruit and traditional black tea. Many like to use this as their signature summer drink.


6401 Coastal Black Iced Tea 80/1 oz. portion packs $48.75
6402 Coastal Black Iced Tea 20/4 oz. portion packs $48.75
6403 Passion Fruit Iced Tea 80/1 oz. portion packs $53.75
6404 Passion Fruit Iced Tea 20/4 oz. portion packs $53.75
6405 Tropical Mango Iced Tea 80/1 oz. portion packs $53.75
6406 Tropical Mango Iced Tea 20/4 oz. portion packs $53.75
6407 Green Tea Iced Tea 80/1 oz. portion packs $52.75
6408 Green Tea Iced Tea 20/4 oz. portion packs $52.75
6803 Bunn 12 Cup Flat Bo†om Filters 1 oz. $10.95
6804 System Two Filters 4 oz. $18.00
6501 Earl Grey Tea, Single Serve 300 Count $165.00
6502 English Breakfast Tea, Single Serve 300 Count $165.00
6503 Green Tea, Single Serve 300 Count $165.00