About Us

Sablier Brand

The brand Sablier was born in 2017 when World Renown designer and coffee lover Youngse Kim imagined a new way of drinking ‘drip’ coffee on one Sunday afternoon at home.

As usual, he enjoyed a cup of drip coffee he made using the traditional processes of starting with grinding roasted coffee beans then dripping water through a paper filter down to the pot, pouring into a cup, and then finally drinking. This process was a routine for him every morning and every Sunday afternoon for years. However, on that Sunday afternoon, while he was enjoying drinking a cup of coffee, he was dreaming about ‘a better way’ of making a cup of drip coffee without all the processes that he had just gone through. He was wondering about a much easier way to make the same cup of coffee without the needs of traditional tools, imagining ‘using just a tumbler’ to make a cup of drip coffee for himself.

Within a few minutes, his imaginary tumbler showed up on a piece of paper. The sketch that he created on that Sunday afternoon looks pretty much the same as ‘The Sablier Tumbler’ that was introduced a couple of years later.

The iconic hourglass shape of ‘The Sablier Tumbler’ was born on that Sunday afternoon. The brand Sablier was born a few days later. Sablier is a French word meaning ‘hourglass’.

He named the tumbler designed by him Sablier, not only because the shape of the tumbler looked like an hourglass but it functions as an hourglass would.  Sablier is not a normal tumbler but a ‘drip coffee making’ tumbler.  By pouring ground coffee into the filter inside, and pouring hot water over ground coffee, Sablier makes coffee by dripping water over ground coffee through a metal filter inside Sablier, filling up the lower portion of the tumbler till the drip coffee fills up to the level to complete the dripping processes.  Then, you simply turn Sablier 180 degrees and open the cap. The coffee is ready to drink right out of the tumbler. This whole process takes only minutes and requires no other tools. This naturally created our slogan ‘from Drip to Drink in minutes, anytime anywhere’.

Sablier 1.0 - Snow White

With Sablier INNOVATION, we now can make a cup of coffee (or tea) anytime and anywhere without wasting paper filters, tea bags, and paper cups.

The brand Sablier means ‘hourglass’ in French, and the vision at Sablier Corporation is to ‘Turn the traditional coffee drinking experience up-side-down to contribute to preserving our Planet by not wasting paper filters and paper cups.